The Steering Committee (SC) will award grants to individuals seeking travel assistance to attend the conference via a special Travel Fund.

The SC will distribute grants in a manner that strives for diverse representation. Individuals seeking a travel grant can apply by providing a letter (max two pages) addressing all the criteria listed below:

  • Geography diversity, particularly from developing countries
  • The role held within a fishery monitoring program and subject matter expertise
  • The potential for the participation to enrich the conference
  • Emerging programmes and/or innovation
  • The level of funding requested and whether the applicant has other funding options

Individuals and agencies that contribute to the Travel Fund are welcome to provide advice on award preferences but the Steering Committee reserves the discretion to determine grant recipients so as to ensure an equitable distribution of the fund according to the above principles.

Deadline for applications: 30th April 2018

Decision on applications: 4th May 2018