As we have done in previous conferences, the 9th IFOMC will consist mostly of panel discussion sessions.  Five to seven panel members will be selected from those submitting abstracts related to each program topic.  Each panelist will be given approx. six to eight minutes to present his/her talk.  After all these presentations, a panel moderator will lead a discussion of the talks and will take questions and comments from the audience.  This means that each session is effectively half presentations from panelists and half open discussion.

These panel sessions have worked well for this conference series in the past. The format gives to the presenters more opportunities to speak, albeit briefly, than would have been under more traditional scientific conferences.  Also, this format allows much greatly input from ALL delegates such that an enormous breadth of ideas are aired and discussed.

If past experience holds true, the panel sessions and subsequent audience discussions will spill into the hallways, continue over lunch, and get revisited during the conference social events.


Posters are another great way to present one’s findings and thoughts about fisheries observing and monitoring at the 9th IFOMC.

The posters will be set up on Monday adjacent to the dining area where we’ll meet for lunch and breaks. This means that, throughout the week there will be lots of time to exhibit and discuss the posters.

If you have any questions contact the Conference Managers a